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Choose our mixers to gain exceptional quality and reliability. Our mixers undergo rigorous quality control and tests to ensure smooth operations under different formulas and various processes. Whether it's PVC, PE/PP or new materials, our mixers output excellent quality consistent dry blends to meet your requirements. Trust our mixers ensure the quality of your final products and the continuity of your production!
Smart Mixing Solutions, Free Your Labors!
Embrace the era of intelligence with our advanced smart mixing solutions, revolutionizing your processes. Equipped with sensors and automatic control systems, the whole process from bulk material handling, conveying, weighing and mixing are integrated into a screen. Through intelligent management and optimization, you'll achieve higher efficiency, lower labor cost, and more reliable operations.
Kenneth is a professional machinery manufacturer dedicated to the supply of mixing machinery and related ancillaries, and automate solutions of mixing plants.
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We provide custom mixing solutions to ensure quality blends, efficient process, and automation.
Whether it's standard mixers or specialized custom products, Kenneth Mixer has earned customer trust through outstanding quality and reliability.
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Feeding Level of High Speed MixerAccording to the enormous experimental data of Kenneth Mixer:1. When the volume of PVC resins and other additives fed to the high speed mixer is less than 50% of the total volume of the mixer bowl, the self-friction heat generated via intensive mixing tends to be slo

31 May 2024
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The mixing quality of PVC dry blends has much to do with the feeding steps of hot mixing process. The general feeding sequence is as follows:1. First start the PVC high speed mixer at low speed mode, and add PVC resin, pigment and stabilizer when the temperature is below 60℃. 2. Then adjust the PVC

31 May 2024
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The replacement cycle of the mixing blade of the PVC high speed mixer is generally determined according to the wear of the blade, and there is no fixed time. The reason is that when mixing different materials, due to the different hardness and particle size of the materials, the friction of the stir

31 May 2024
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